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S&techs has a wealth of experience as a construction services provider not only in Hong Kong and Mainland China, but also in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea. Our finely honed professional approach is based on a core group of services, which we have refined to best serve our clients. Offering a wide range of construction services, S&techs performs each job with focus and dedication. Our construction services are second to none in the industry, as noted by our satisfied clients whose repeat assignments represent approximately 80% of S&techs annual work.
Utilizing comprehensive in-house capabilities and state-of-the-art systems, our organization provides a full range of expert services to assist you from the earliest project stages through closeout and commissioning. We are flexible to best meet your needs and objectives and thus package our services into the delivery method that is optimal to meet your project goals, schedule and budget.
The services described on the pages that follow can be procured as part of a construction program or a la carte—the later focusing S&techs attention and expertise on one, or a few, select services to supplement and/or support your in-house facilities staff. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project and client.
Regarding Construction Work flow in China, please refer to the following:

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