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No matter the type of project, size or complexity — one thing remains constant, people do the work. People devise innovations, inspire each other to meet challenges and drive the company to success. We consider ourselves part of the Client team to build exactly what they want. Our projects have helped grow local economies and improve the quality of life for people around us. These win-win achievements are about the strong relationships we’ve built along the way with our clients.

Solutions for Clients

As a leader in the Hong Kong and Mainland China construction industry S&techs focuses on environmental protection during construction. Our diverse experience from Hong Kong to fast developing China distinguishes our "value-add" from other. We can accept to take the challenge and opportunity to serve our Clients with an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill and expertise.

From Senior Level Positions to New Employee’s

We all are one big family from senior level positions to line management to new employees. Helping each other, seeking mutual improvement and contributing to our society is our mission and essence at work.

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